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     "My life is all about the music. I believe in the magic of sound, of what music can do for the spirit. I believe it can heal. I believe it can change lives. Music brings people together, making friends of enemies, and instilling peace.  Everyone's always looking for that special magic to change the world, and yet, it's all around us and always has been, every day, in music."

Kevin Alexander Herrera, born February 7, 1991 in Panorama City, CA is a proven dynamo on the guitar. He began playing at nine years old, starting his professional career at 15, as lead guitarist for metal gigs at The Whiskey, Roxy and other Hollywood venues.

                Nicknamed “Guitarzan” by his classmates at The Musician’s Institute, his dynamic stage presence and amazing versatility shines through in projects of different styles and genres. His musical curiosity helped him master many: metal, rock, alternative, country, until settling on a distinctive jazz/blues/rock feel that came naturally to him. He has since built a catalog of original material and penned dozens of songs.

                In 2013, Kevin performed as lead and rhythm guitar for Blues legend, Guitar Shorty and the Triple Danger Band, touring Europe and the U.S., and playing before festival crowds of 10,000 and more. He has done numerous guest appearances on the East Coast, and was a featured guest at the Hard Rock Cafe in Costa Rica.

                In 2014, in addition to his own projects and guest gigs, Kevin joined the popular Eagles tribute band, The Long Run as lead guitar. They’ve since traveled throughout the U.S. and overseas performing before sellout crowds.

                In January, 2017, Kevin shifted his base of operations from Los Angeles to the Greater Boston area and is now focusing his energy in forming Azurite, his own jazz/blues project. He'll still be guesting with The Long Run, traveling as needed, and performing acoustic gigs all over New England.

                As a songwriter and performer, Kevin’s passion comes through clearly in every performance. Strongly influenced by folk music, shades of country, and traditional Latin styles, Kevin brings an innovative perspective to the music world as he creates a fresh rock, blues infusion with just enough roots influence to keep it grounded, and an occasional Latin flavor to hearken back to his Hispanic core.

                He has also performed as lead guitar for noted local California bands including; Incognito Trio, Persuasion, The Dance Band, Cervantes, Young Guns, The Donna Christy Band, and Tumbling Dice.

                In addition to his music, Kevin can be seen in commercials and on TV; at 15, playing guitar for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and AT&T, and appearing in “Just Jordan,” for Nickelodeon. Kevin was featured in TruTV’s “Operation Repo,” on TLC’s “Extreme Cougar Wives,” and appeared in country music star, Tim Hick’s video, “Buzz, Buzz, Buzzin.’” He has also appeared in several talk shows including, “Dr. Drew – On Call,” “The Ricki Lake Show,” “Nightline,” “Good Morning, America,” “The Jeff Probst Show,” “Insider,” and “The Steve Harvey Show.”

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