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AZURITE - The KAH Project

Jazz - Blues - Rock - Fusion - Interpretive



Azurite was conceived several years ago as a jazz/blues/interpretive fusion experiment that would challenge a variety of music styles. Finding the right musicians took time and patience. Kevin met with some amazingly talented drummers, bassists and keyboardist to hone the group now known as Azurite. 

As they build their project from the ground up, truly dynamic sounds have emerged. The group's versatility has opened doors throughout New England and beyond. Azurite jazz takes standards to the limit and beyond, their blues journey taps into their individual skills as musical visionaries, and the rock world is about to be rocked like never before.

Azurite is a rich, deep blue stone with copper threads. It speaks to the heart of this project. The blue likens the midnight sky and reminisces about the heart of the blues; loneliness, depth, the feelings only able to be expressed through music. Copper, one of Earth's most amazingly conductive metals, speaks to the immeasurable energy transmitted through music and sound. Its transformative powers fill the air and lift all who care to listen.

Feel the amazing energy of... AZURITE.







A talented and ambitious guitarist, Kevin has been dazzling audiences since 2006, with his incredible skills on both electric and acoustic guitars. He has shown serious chops in blues, rock, country, Latin and more, but Azurite brings him full circle into the jazz/interpretive world of music. Known for his sophisticated instincts, Kevin has a way of taking the audience on a truly magical ride with unexpected turns, unfathomable peaks and the depth of musical valleys.

As a songwriter and performer, Kevin’s passion comes through clearly in every performance.  He brings an innovative perspective to the music world through a fresh rock, blues infusion with just enough roots influence to keep it grounded, and an occasional Latin flavor to hearken back to his Hispanic core.


In 2013, Kevin performed as lead and rhythm guitar for Blues legend, Guitar Shorty and the Triple Danger Band, touring Europe and the U.S., In 2014, in addition to his own projects and guest gigs, Kevin joined the popular Eagles tribute band, The Long Run as lead guitar. They’ve since traveled throughout the U.S. and overseas performing before sellout crowds.


In January, 2017, Kevin shifted his base of operations from Los Angeles to the Greater Boston area where he's sharing his unique guitar skills with an eager, new audience.




With accomplished musicianship and a deep, soulful groove, virtuoso drummer Patrick Charles’ music is both visual and cerebral. 

In middle school, the drums chose him, fueled by the love and respect for all genres of music

       “I found a pile of jazz records in an abandoned building in the neighborhood. [There was] Miles Davis’ “Tutu,” and I was so taken by the album cover, I’ve been hooked ever since.”


Gigging professionally through high school, Patrick became the regular drummer at the famous Peppermint Lounge in his hometown of East Orange, NJ. After graduation, he attended the Berklee College of music, where he performed with The Spirit Jazz Quartet. In Los Angeles, performanced with such artists as Linda Hopkins, Maxayn Lewis, and Teena Marie, along with numerous top 40 funk/R&B acts.


While based out of L. A., Patrick's group, PCMG performed in the Nakaoka Heritage Music Festival, the 2011 Yokohama Jazz Festival, the Sumida Jazz Festival (2012 – 2015) in Tokyo,  the NAMM show, the Viper Room, the Blue Note in Kyoto, Japan, The Cotton Club in Shanghai, China, The Jazz Basin in Kobe, Japan, the Commerce Casino Jazz & Blues Summer Nights Festival Series at Pachanga Casino, The Roxy, the Catalina Jazz club, and the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.


His appearances on film and television include “Boston Legal,” “Melrose Place,” and “Look at Me.” Patrick currently endorses Exodus Cymbals.


"I am a life learner – everything is a lesson, every moment reveals a secret."





Galen Willett is a versatile electric bass player and composer living in Boston, MA. He attended Berklee College of Music and graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Composition and Electric Bass Performance in 2011. He is at home in a range of styles, including folk, rock, blues, jazz, funk, fusion, several Latin styles, and Afro-pop. He has performed at the Outside the Box Festival in Boston, the ArtBeat Festival in Somerville, the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, and more.

In 2012, Galen released “Forces of Nature,” a 7-song album of colorful horn-driven music, available for free/pay-what-you-want at


In addition to Azurite, Galen performs with Boston-based groups Kina Zoré (Afro-pop/Mozambique), Neotolia (jazz/rock/Turkish), M’bolo (Afro-pop/Senegal), Lilla (R&B/reggae/hip-hop), Touch n’ Soul (Afro-pop/Uganda), and Victoria Rios (folk/soul/rock). He also teaches guitar, bass, and ukulele privately.




Colescot Rubin is a bassist and vocalist from Portland, Oregon. Jazz and blues have been his passions from an early age. Since he began his journey, he has performed with Esperanza Spalding, Terence Blanchard, Terrell Stafford, Chuck Israels, Kenny Werner, Charmaine Neville, and many others. He aims to make jazz a dance music again and become a masterful consummate entertainer, creating not just musical events, but memorably uplifting performances for his audiences.


Colescot is a Presidential Scholar at Berklee College of Music, where he studies Performance and Jazz Composition, as well as a member of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. Every Sunday he hosts the jazz show “Birnin’ Jazz” on the Berklee Internet Radio Network(BIRN).


Recent performances have included the 2016 & 2017 Reykjavik Blues Festivals and the 2016 Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. Upcoming projects include the Colescott Rubin Family Band, a 9 piece swing dance ensemble for which he sings, arranges, and plays bass.


Azurite at a pre-gig rehearsal: "Little Sunflower" and "Chameleon."
Kevin Alexander Herrera

Kevin Alexander Herrera

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